1. Why do we have to schedule a consulatation before the photo session?

In our experience nearly every photo session is a bit different. Location of the shoot is the biggest factor, but taste and style for your session are vital for planning and preparation. It will be time well spent, we promise. See our blog post at https://www.edkendall.com/blog/

2. Can you come to our home for a family group portrait?

Yes, with pleasure. Just be sure to allow extra time for equipment setup, light readings, test shots and teardown.

3. My pet is very nervous and moves around a lot. Are you sure you can capture her well?

Yes we can! We employee a system of making sure the pet is comfortable, treats, distractions and the owners help to ensure great pet photos. If one of us pet wranglers gets into a favorite photo, we can remove them, if desired. We also bring yummy treats that most dogs love, or you can bring you own. Bringing a favorite toy may be a good idea too.

4. Where is your studio located?

Mesa, Arizona. We have pretty easy access to the 202 off Main Street. Street number is 120 South 75th Circle, 85208.

5. Payments. Yes we take cash and all forms of credit cards for your convenience.

6. You provide prints?

We do our own printing up to 16x24 inches. We use archival quality inks and papers. You will be given the digital copy of the images you purchase in the sizes you bought. You can print elsewhere of course, but we found that doing our own printing ensures the color, clarity and quality people expect from fine art prints. If you hold a print from elsewhere next to one of ours, you will probably see color differences that you may, or may not, like.