Photo Session Basics: Part 1 (Consulation Meeting)

Congratulations! You made the decision to invest in professional quality images of your family that you will treasure for a lifetime. Now the fun begins! Here is an overview of the process and things to think about as we go. Remember, we are a husband and wife team whose goal is to guide you through the entire process and ensure professional results you will love.

Consultation Meeting


This meeting is valuable to understanding what your priorities are for the photo session.

  1. Do you like casual or formal portraits best? Maybe try both styles and see.

  2. Do you like dark, moody light images, or prefer light and airy prints?

  3. Glamour shots may want hair, makeup and retouching services. See below.

  4. How many people/pets will be included in your photo session?

  5. Consider what size image package you would like to own for a lifetime. We will explain and show examples of different options during this meeting. It would be helpful to measure the spaces for larger prints ahead of time.

  6. Are you considering specialty prints such as printing on metal or canvas? We can review the differences with you.


HOME STUDIO: We have a studio in our home in Mesa, Arizona. This offers a relaxed atmosphere without weather worries or photo bombing onlookers.

LOCATION SHOOTS: Whether we photograph your session at your home, a local park, lake or attraction, we are happy to oblige. Be aware that privately owned, and some public spots, have shooting fees and require reservations.


With advanced notice, we can schedule a makeup and hair technician for the day of your photo session. Additional time must be added for this service and fees depend on your needs.


We will discuss wardrobe ideas for the best results. You may even consider several wardrobe changes and compare the results as the session progresses. We find the best results occur when you are comfortable, so no worries--these are suggestions, not requirements.


Most glamour shots we see are softer,  almost dreamy images. Therefore, glamour shots benefit from retouching. One reason is professional equipment shows exceptional detail at high resolution. Additional processing and retouching pulls back some of the details; our skill in Photoshop allows us to retouch without artificial-looking results. Minor teeth whitening, spot removal and eye sharpening are included for all images. Skin, wrinkle, or hair retouching are examples of more complex processing. Additional fees depend on your preferences.


If you want custom personality digital art created from your photo session, we will need an idea of your work, hobbies, or interests. We may use specialized backdrops to shoot images for the best results. There may also be personal objects you would like photographed and added for a truely personal creation. Additional fees depend on your preferences.

Session Fee

The session fee is due as a final step of the consulation meeting. Package and Ala Carte fees will not be due until images are delivered. We accept cash and all major credit cards.

COMING SOON: Photo Session Basics: Part 2 (The Photo Session)


"The portrait photographer's job is to capture your best self: Relaxed. Real. Whatever that is for you. Comfort, trust and respect all need to combine with the photographic eye. That is when the magic happens."               --Ed & Susan Kendall