And so it begins... one of blogging! Whoohoot!


After three years of retirement, we are ready to launch our photography business. We bought the equipment. Okay, more than we need, but all make reaching a professional level attainable. We've explored landscapes, macro, portraiture, night shooting, digital art compositing and more. Spring 2018 we perfected our portraiture techniques and were ready to launch our business. Or so we thought...


What has us amazed is that once we arrived in our camp area for the summer, we discovered most folks our age do NOT want to be photographed. Many had never had professional portraits done. Some hated any picture of themselves. Some did not care for photos of themselves for any reason. We were shut down. Or so we thought...

So while hanging out at the dog park, we started photographing the pets of friends. Then we did some digital photo manipulations to tell the unique story of each dog. Clearly everyone loves having professional images of their pets. They especially love seeing the pet's personality shown in a photo composite. In just one month we created about 60 pet personality composites. More composites than in all the previous five years combined. And we LOVED doing it. Through tears, laughter and BIG smiles, folks told how much these special photos meant to them.


Several suggestions from our new camp friends bear exploration, but for now we are focusing on individual, family and pet portraits. Once that is fully operational, we may explore retirement homes with companion pet portraits. Or perhaps a smaller, unique segment of society that needs a fine portrait to remind them of their best selves. Let us share the journey with you here.

"The portrait photographer's job is to capture your best self. Relaxed. Real. Whatever that is for you. Comfort, trust, respect--all need to combine with the photographic eye. That is when the magic happens."               --Ed & Susan Kendall